Infinitely Loved!❤️

❤️ “Dear young people, I would like to tell each one of you: God loves you; never doubt it, whatever happens to you in life; under any circumstances, you are infinitely loved”. – From Pope Francis. (Tweet is visible if you click on the link embeded on ‘Pope Francis’ )


Butternut and Chickpea Vegetarian Salad!😍

In my attempt this week to re-re-re-re-re-×100-start eating healthier again, is suuuuper super delicious ‘Moroccan Butternut and Chickpea Vegetarian’ salad from the Mugg & Bean restaurant!! 😍 😍 😍

According to what I have been told in the past, salads with raw vegetables and fruits usually have more vitamins that are not destroyed by the intensive cooking process. 😇 Hopefully I’ll keep on eating more healthier food and reduce my bad cholestrol. ❤️

Wishing everyone a healthy bite of a weekend!! 😍

Moroccan Butternut and Chickpea Vegetarian Salad From Mugg and Bean:

*** Please note these ‘foodie’ posts are not advertisements (aka ‘Ads’) but on food I try out and love! 😍 ❤️

Fathers’ Day! ❤️

Hello!! ❤️ Happy belated (sorry), Fathers’ day to all dads out there! 😍 Sending much love to all the dads who are trying their best to be there for their sweet kids both small or grownups. ❤️ Nobody is perfect, but thank you for doing your best! ❤️

Sending bountiful love to all who have lost their father, or fathers who have lost their children. 😔 May sweet God bring you comfort during this difficult time. 😔 ❤️

A big send of love and thanks 😘 to our Heavenly Father aka God on Fathers’ day and on everyday, for always being there for all creation and people during the ups and downs. ❤️

Again, thank you to all the dads out there trying their best! ❤️ At times, society may not give you enough credit, but we are thankful. I hope we remember to honour and show kindness to our loved ones every day, and not only on their specific special day of celebration! ❤️

Sending much love to everyone!❤️😘