Accepting Different People â¤ï¸

💗 A Beautiful Purple Flower 😇

It is not our differences that divide us. It is our inability to recognize, accept, and celebrate those differences.

By Audre Lorde

This quote above reminds me of how as a society we have become so harsh on people including family, friends, and even neighbours because of expressing views (especially political, or religious views), or by being physically different because of their culture, tribe, and/or lifestyle. 😔

At heart, I feel as long as the person’s views are not causing harm to others or themselves, we could try and understand that all people are created differently and have had different life experiences. ❤️ This causes us all to see and relate to the world differently. ❤️

While it is okay to follow your beliefs (again as long as your beliefs don’t cause you and others harm), it may not be okay to force someone to ‘think’ the same, or ‘be’ the same as you or to ‘change their culture’. 🌻💗 Neither is it okay to belittle them because of their differences. However, healthy discussions on our differences and even different views (like politics and beliefs) without discrimination and insults are okay. ❤️

I pray we remember at heart to be more compassionate to other’s differences. It is okay for others to be their unique self. 😍 By being themselves, they don’t mean to threaten you or your beliefs, but they are being who sweet God created them to be. 🌻 This is also a good reminder to people who ex-communicate you because of who you uniquely are. ❤️

I hope we try and remember it is okay to celebrate our differences and join others in celebrating theirs. 💗 That we are more than a political side or tribal difference, and instead we are people working for the best for each other and humanity. 🌻

I love how in the bible, Jesus reminded the Pharisees, that just because a person was a ‘Samaritan’, or ‘Gentile’, or sick with leprosy, did not mean that they were unloved by God or should be excommunicated, but instead, all are included in God’s love.❤️❤️😘

Wishing us all days where we try to be more tolerant of others differences.💗

May we be more kind hearted people / kind hearted Kenyans.