Hope To See A Spark Of Light In Tough Times ❤️

“Every day may not be good … but there’s something good in every day” + By Alice Morse Earle

This quote came to me as I was napping as I recuperated from tonsillitis. It reminded me and us too…that as much as we would like, sadly some or many days in our lives may not be good. 😔

There will be days we will be hurt, get angry, sad, and have heartbreaking days. 😔During those moment, it is difficult to see any ray of sunlight especially when in the dark of the night. I too am learning instead of feeling guilty of the negative days, trying to hide/escape them, or beating myself up…to try and face the days with compassion. Remember, we are trying our best in a sometimes crazy world. ❤️

I hope in the midst of the dark, we may find out that even if there is no sunlight…we could still see the moonlight (and the starlights as my friend reminded me). ❤️

Yes, we may be in a dilemma, but we are thankful for compassion to help us remember we are trying our best. 😇

We may be really down, but we ask sweet God to be with us as we mourn/cry…and to help us find the beautiful moonlight of sweet God’s / Love’s comfort even when it seems no one is around. ❤️

I may be unwell in bed with tonsillitis, 🤒 but there is a comfy bed for sleep and ‘warmed delicious vanilla icecream’ able to able to go down an achy throat and a safe place to sleep.

The littlest things which we may sometimes not notice too much, become so noticeable to our hearts in these dark nights…and we realise there are some small things that make a big impact to us. ❤️💗

My prayer is for all of us, could sometimes find the beautiful and comforting moonlight in our dark nights. ❤️