Doctor Who: Never Be Cruel!❤️

Hellos! ❤️ It has sadly been more than two weeks since I last wrote. 😔 It has been a tough couple of days, but I am hoping to try and start again afresh from today in some areas in my life! ❤️ To motivate me and any of us moving ahead, I thought I would share a quote from one of my most favourite tv series BBC’s Doctor Who!!! 😍 😍 😍

12th Doctor Quote (Got From Twitter)

❤️ ” Never be cruel, Never be cowardly…

🌻 Remember, Hate is always foolish, Love is always wise! ❤️

🌞 Always try to be nice…But never fail to be kind.❤️

❤️** Full Credit to: BBC Doctor Who…. Episode: Twice Upon A Time Christmas 2017 Episode– Peter Capaldi As The 12th Doctor:

Wishing you all a lovely weekend and amazing and lasting fresh starts in anything you plan to try on again!! 🌻😘❤️

**(BBC Website And The BBC Youtube link to the above quote has been embedded.