Saint Patrick’s (Day) Quote! ❤️

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day! ❤️

Happy Very, Very, Belated (sorry) Saint Patrick’s Day!!!😍 ☘️

These few couple of days have been very tough for me, and even more so for many people around the world. 😔 Many people have been suffering with their health physically, mentally, emotionally, and/or have a combination of two or all three especially with the increase of the coronavirus (COVID-19) cases. On my first day of being home bound (although my kind family with whom I live with still occasionally have to go out, which also fills me with worries for them too), I thought I could commemorate last week’s Saint Patrick’s day with a quote written by him, that I found on Goodreads that is giving me a little bit of ‘prayer-meditative’ comfort, each time I recite and remember it when I feel anxiety and overly worried, as we ask sweet God to help all people in the world…

Be Still And Know That I Am God…..

Be Still And Know That I Am….

Be Still And Know…

Be Still..


By Saint Patrick ☘️

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