MANUKA HONEY: My Journey To Less Frequent Tonsillitis! ❤️

A Teaspoon Of Manuka Honey 🍯

For today’s food appreciation day of foodie friday, I thought I would write a bit about my experience with sweet and delicious Manuka Honey!😍😇

I am a person who sadly used to frequently get tonsillitis once or twice every month, ranging from mild tonsillitis to severe tonsillitis. 😔 In addition, I recently discovered through some tests that I also have anaemia and low white blood cell count too, which may have been contributing to the frequent tonsillitis as my body’s immunity was low. 😔

As sadly I have not yet been able to have a tonsillectomy (to have my tonsils removed), I decided to ask my friends for advice on what they take to help boost their immunity. One friend recommended Aloe from a fresh Aloe Vera leaves, where he told me how his farm animals always recovered when he gave them fresh aloe. This lead me to an adventure online, where when researching on the internet on where to get fresh aloe, by chance I got to a CNN article on how manuka honey helps people who are unwell get better, prevents severe infections (as it has antibacterial, antimicrobial, and antiviral activity), and sometimes it is even applied on wounds to help them heal.

This lead me to go looking for manuka honey in health shops. Sadly, many of the health shops did not stock manuka honey, except for two I found within Nairobi; namely Healthy U Shops and Elixir Health Shop in Village Market. (There may be more shops out there that I may not know of, but I will update once I hear of them).

I discovered the higher the MGO Methylglyoxal in the manuka, the more effective the manuka’s antibacterial, antimicrobial, and antiviral, properties.

Due to the cost of manuka honey (the higher the UMF/MGO, the higher the cost), I tried with buying and taking Manuka honey with an MGO of 354 + (equivalent to UMF of 12+) and above; a full teaspoon at least three times a week, so that the manuka honey in the bottle would last longer. I took the manuka honey plain where it passed nearby my tonsils, or in slightly warm water so that the antibacterial, antimicrobial, and antiviral, properties did not diminish in very hot liquid.

So far, this has helped me have less frequent tonsillitis to having it about twice or thrice a year (although the end of last year from November, I had frequent tonsillitis though I had not taken Manuka honey for several days to some weeks). I have bought various brands depending on what is available in my country Kenya, ranging from Manuka Doctor, Manuka Bay, and Comvita. It is always a good idea to Google for the brands available online, to see the reviews if they are genuine, or just regular honey being masqueraded as ‘manuka honey’ with an expensive price tag.

One of the main thing to check after we buy a certain brand of the manuka honey, is the texture of the honey. The honey does not look as ‘liney‘ or ‘completely smooth‘ like regular honey, but has a sort of a ‘very small tini-tiny bubbles‘ texture, which I tried showing by increasing the brightness of the photo I took above of the manuka honey. ❤️ In my experience, the manuka honey I get usually has this texture, but I could be mistaken and it could also be having the other usual honey texture sometimes. 😇

Although very pricy, manuka has helped me from getting frequent tonsillitis, and an unhealthy intake of too many antihistamines, painkillers, and antibiotics when I used to get tonsillitis too often. In some of the articles I read online, they mentioned that manuka not only has strong antibacterial, antimicrobial, or antiviral properties, but is is also effective against bacteria that is antibiotic resistant (even when taken with antibiotics too).

In addition, according to the same CNN article mentioned, “there aren’t any reported cases of bacteria developing resistance to honey, neither can manuka or other honey resistance be generated in the laboratory“.

Please before trying anything new, like manuka honey, please talk to a health care professional/nutritionist especially if you have some underlying issues. I thought I would share how Manuka has helped me, however this can vary from person to person on how manuka has helped them in their health management. I haven’t yet gone for further tests on whether my red and white blood cell counts have improved, but physically I’m glad manuka honey has helped me so much in having less frequent tonsillitis. 😇

Have you ever taken manuka honey and has it helped you in any way?

Sending much love to everyone! 😍 😘

NB: I am not a health professional, I am just trying to experiment on healthy alternatives here and there and sharing some of my experiences. 😇

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