Walking With Fear 😞 And Hope: β€οΈ

A Lovely Photo (Inspiring Hope In Me) Inside The Village Market In Nairobi, Kenya 🌻

❀️ Happy Almost Mid-Month September! 🌻

This month for me started when a lot of issues came up that gave me cause for a lot of worries, especially about my future. 🌻 This gave me a lot of fear that left me unable to do much. 😞

However, these few days I’m trying to walk along with my fear and hope hand-in-hand. ❀️ Each time I feel paralysed with fear and worries, I am trying to ‘sit down’ with my fear and listen to all the reasons why I should be afraid, but with compassion, and also keeping in hope to remind me that things may be tough, rough, and fearful, but there is always hope things may change for the better (through a couple of ways). 🌻 The future is not set in stone. ❀️

Meanwhile, to have some peace at the present moment, I’ve been asking sweet God in his Love to help me see something, nomatter how small or ‘simple’, to be grateful for, that can add a bit of light now. πŸ’— It could be being thankful for a sleep in, especially on a cold day, or delicious food/snack, or being able to feel and see the sun and the breeze, or managing to finish off doing some of my housework like laundry! 😍 All these are super magical in a world where we are too busy to see and feel much, especially when we are in a dark and gloomy place. 🌻

You.. (and we all) are amazing as you (we) are, faults and all. ❀️ It is okay when many days we fall or feel blue or worried. 🌻 Being fearful and worried does not make us weak or unworthy. 🌻 We are battling through a complicated world and my prayer is that God / Love may always guide us even when we are tempted to act with harshness towards others or the world, because of our pain or fear. 🌻

Although afraid or in pain, may we keep on each day with love, hope, and God’s encouragement each step and may our hearts open to the tini tiny wonders around us that put a ray of sunshine in our lives! 🌻

May we see something small to light our days (#aSmallRayOfSunshineThatMakesLifeSweet), during our gloomy and rough days.



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