A Delicious Carrot Cake Slice For My Birthday! ❤️

❤️ Today’s foodie post happens to be on my birthday week!! 😍😍 Earlier, I had gone to Kafe Koko in Two Rivers Mall for the first time, and I found some very friendly staff and a waiter who helped me order some suuuuuper delicious carrot cake 😍 and ginger with lemon tea and honey to keep me warm this cold weather. ❤️ This was accompanied with two small delicious ginger biscuits! 😍😍

I may have spent my birthday lunch alone, 😔 however I was so, so, grateful for the amazing experience that included an amazing view of CK- Square in Two Rivers as I munched on my cake!!😍❤️

My Birthday Lunch: Delicious Carrot Cake Slice And Lemon and Ginger Tea!

*** Please note these ‘foodie’ posts are not advertisements (aka ‘Ads’) but on food I try out and love! 😍❤️


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